We are at the end of the phone.. A number of individuals have approached us recently with great ideas. Their main enquiry was to find out how to take their idea forward in the short term and how they could launch their new products into the retail market in the long term. These are people who suddenly have a great idea and simply want to take it further or speak with someone in the industry. As a result we have launched a service at TBS dedicated to individuals who are new to the industry and have little budget or know-how in taking their idea further. We have a unique “Start Up”/advice  service where we will only charge at an hourly rate to discuss business ideas or start up plans on the phone, or answer questions or provide short brief instructions on how to take your idea forward. We think this is a great low cost and affordable solution for start up entrepreneurs  or indeed small established business’s wanting to explore and enquire how to proceed with their ideas but without having to commit to the higher costs of our other bespoke services geared towards established manufacturers. If you have an idea but don’t have the resource to invest in it too much then call or email us and we can agree the upfront fee before our consultation via the phone. Alternatively you can email your idea and questions and again a fee will be agreed before providing our response to your brief. These consultations can provide a buyer’s perspective or give manufacturing or sales advice. This is
our suggested service for your first steps in discovering if your idea should be pursued. This service will also highlight from the start any hurdles we can see that you may not have previously considered. This type of advice could save you a lot of valuable time and energy if, after our consultation, you feel you are unable to get past these hurdles. Our business advice will help you discover what you need to do next and how to take it further. 

Hourly consultations can continue on an on-going basis even if you want to just to use us as someone to reference ideas, get a second opinion, or just need more advice and help.